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Poptropica secrets
Poptropica secrets website will provide you with any necessary poptropica cheats, poptropica walkthroughs or any form of potropica help that is needed. Here is a list of frequently used poptropica secrets, if the one that you are looking for is not on this page, you can browse poptropica secrets to get additional information.

These mini poptropica walkthroughs will help you get your little devices, or you can choose to search for poptropica cheats to avoid some of these tasks.

To get your ears; make your way into the processing room and get yourself through the trap door in the right hand corner of the room. Take a ride on the conveyor belt to get onto the pipes, and then go from the pipes onto the platform nearby, that is where the ears will be.

The to catching crusher You will notice an car with crusher standing on it, there will also be a crane beside that car; On the crane you will see some levers, click on them to turn off the magnet. After which you will climb back up the crane to turn the magnet back on. When you come down again you should be able to arrest crusher by clicking on him. If you do not have the cuffs yet, you will have to get them from the scientist. You can find poptropica information on the scientist or you can search for a poptropica cheat and bypass that part. Whichever method you choose, the information is available.

Poptropica cheats
If you are on the Time tangled Island and need poptropica help to find some of the items, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of items to be used to finish the game and the locations that they are found.

You will need the da vinci's notebook; it can be located where the statue of liberty is. To get the small model of the statue, you have to go up to the top of Mount Everest. You must be in the Aztec time to get the “Edmund's goggles” Be in Delphi or the ancient Greece to locate the phonograph; it will be on the top of the treasury To get the declaration and the Amulet, you will need to speak with someone in the Mali empire and a Chinese person respectively. The sun stones pieces are located on top of a chimney on the roof of a house and you will need to climb up a tree that has no leaves in the Louis and Clark time. Climb to the very top so that you can get your stone bowl. You will have to go into the Leonardo Da Vinci time to locate the peace medal.

If you wish to tread without complete poptropica walkthroughs to guide you, you should know that there will be something to find in every time given on the island.


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